just a snippet…

(a glimpse of our little world)


“just a snippet…”, is, well, just that – a teeny-tiny little piece of our world.

I really, really wanted to make this blog have one specific theme (because that what successful blogs do) but just couldn’t pull it off. The blog began with crafting/scrapping in mind, but I didn’t actually blog about it much and then I started writing about other things.  Soon I stopped working and became a stay-at-home-wife (sahw) and got hooked on couponing – which led to posts about my great deals, and it just continued to spiral out of control. It became evident very quickly that I needed to scrap toss out the crafting theme and just go with the “everything” theme!

Our life is pretty simple; we love God, our family, our puppy and friends. We enjoy travelling and relaxing (alot). My desire was to be a gifted photographer, crafter, decorator, gardener (so there is obviously this need in me to be creative) but am really just a dabbler. I love couponing and, while I am not an extreme couponer, my small little deals give me a rush. 

Yep, I’m pretty much into everything – so I’ll be sharing “just a snippet” of it all!


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