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Gotta love spray paint!

Yep, I admit it; I’m a big spray paint fan!

When I want to (re)decorate a room, I love to see if there is something I can spray paint rather than having to go out and by a new item.

Last year I began a project to redo our bedroom.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I first moved into this house about 8 years ago.  We have a solid oak bed and dresser and I was convinced some day my hubby would let me paint it all white – so, I decorated around an entire white theme; lamps, end tables, accessories.  Years later, friends told me I would be crazy to paint solid wood (this was after my hubby nixed the idea).

Well, I was willing to ignore him, but I trusted my friend’s input.  So, once again, I began redecorating our room.  I hated to go out and buy new decorative items, so I scanned the room to see what I could repaint.

Following are some pictures of the “new” items.

This shelf was all white – love how it looks now!

My biggest joy was the wicker chair.  I was afraid that it would not look right, but took the plunge since I did not want to buy a new chair and we did not need white wicker.  It turned out awesome!  It took just over 1 can of paint, but looks just like a brown wicker chair from the store.

Even close up it looks good!
I love my room / bathroom so much better now – and am ready to finish my last 2 items to make it complete.
Bathroom shelf – use to be cream!