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Back in the game!

Woohoo, I am back in the couponing game! I got out of it while in Tallahassee, but started up again this week. Aaand, my deals were small, at least it gave me the incentive again to go back to using coupons and pairing them up with current store deals.

At Pick and Save this week, I got 28 oz. Red Gold tomatoes for 50 cents each, McCormick seasoning pack for free (would not have bought it otherwise) and Jim’s little Sugar Free snack cones for 99 cents each! That is an awesome price for those – they were $2.99 and I had 2 $1 coupons doubled..

At Pig, just picked up a few produce items, but bought the Creamette for only 14 cents. I used a Pig coupon to make it 69 cents and used a manufacturer’s coupon for 55 cents – bringing it to 14 cents.

I figure between the 50 cent tomatoes, free seasoning for Chicken Cacciatori and 14 cent pasta – I will be making a pretty inexpensive meal soon!!


Pick and Save Shopping Trip

Every time I shop at Pick and Save now, I am always amazed at how much cheaper I get groceries since couponing with the Double Daze.  It has become my favorite grocery store – I get such great deals!

The really good deals were:

Free Milk (plus overage) -Milk was $1.98 w/ coupon and I had a ‘get one free’ milk coupon valued up to $3.25 – it rang up for the full amount so I had $1.27 overage

Free Eggs (plus overage) – same thing, with 20 cents overage

Uncle Ben’s Rice – $2.19 – $2 ($1 doubled coupon) = 19 cents!
Digorno Pizza – $2.20 – $2 ($1 doubled coupon) = 20 cents!
Ritz Pretzel – $2.75 – $2 ($1 doubled coupon) = 75 cents!

Now, I always wonder how to treat overage…do I take the total overage ($1.47) and split it across all items, or do I just ‘take it off’ certain items?  (I know, I know, I overthink waaaay too much!) 

Well, I decided to take it off the 3 items above and consider them free – and I will take the remaining 34 cents off something else!!  Love getting free stuff and this makes me feel like I did REALLY well (5 free items)!!

The whole trip cost me $16.79 after using $15.51 in coupons; almost saved half the price of the groceries!

‘Sort of’ Freebies: Week of 8/22/10

My definition of ‘Sort of’ Freebies: Items that have been purchased paying nothing, or tax only. If I pay with Extra Care Bucks, Register Rewards, Rebate money and only have to pay tax with my ‘real’ money – then I consider it a ‘Sort of’ freebie.

Here’s my deals for the week of 8/22/10…

This was another great week, only spent $2.00 of my ‘real’ money and received $50.22 worth of pre-tax items…96% savings!

My items were from Pick and Save (cereal and Mentos), CVS (Glade, Herbal Essence, Listerine and Glide) and Target (more free soup!)  Aaaand, I actually figured out the Pick and Save deals all by myself, without using any ‘blog’ help! 

General Mills had an awesome deal, buy 6 and get an automatic $10 off and I had 3 $1 coupons that were doubled, so I paid only $2.34 for 6 boxes of cereal which gave me my 5 boxes free. I paid only $2.34 for the sixth (which was less than the sale price).  Also, they gave coupons for a free gallon of milk and free dozen eggs!!

Thanks again to Totally Target and Simply CVS for the deal ideas!

Pick and Save; A New Way to Shop!

So today, I shopped completely different at Pick and Save. I really had nothing in particular that I was looking to get since I was preoccupied with leaving town. But, it was double 10 coupons and I hated to miss out on the reduced groceries.

I went in with my coupons and just walked the aisles, looking for sales that matched my coupons. Surprisingly, it did not really take me much longer to do that, then when I have a list!

I did pretty well, bought $29.04 worth of groceries (after sales) and ended up paying $13.64!! Yep, I was pretty excited…  $15.40 worth of coupons after doubing!!

My really good deals were:

Uncle Ben’s rice – $2.19 minus $1/doubled = .19!
Oreo cookies – $2.69 minus $1/doubled = .69
Chex cereal – $2.79 minus $1/doubled = .79
Sara Lee Key Lime Pie (ready to serve) –
        Clearance for $1.64 minus $.75 doubled = .14!!

Who would have known couponing could be such a rush?!?

Love Pick and Save Double Daze!

Pick and Save was one of those grocery stores that I seldom shopped at before I became a “couponer”.  I look back in amazement, once again, at all the good deals I missed before my couponing days began.  Combining sales at P&S with the double coupons almost always gets me something for free that week!

This week, I bought my $25 worth of groceries ($25.73 to be exact) and paid only $14.73 OOP.

Again, the yogurt and Kraft 100 calorie cheese were free (plus got .34 overage on the Kraft cheese)!  I so seldom pay anymore for yogurt, it will be hard to start paying again if they ever stop the double days!

My “OK” deals (good sale at PS):
1 Popsicle – $1
2 Lunchables – .98 each

My great deals:
1 Activia yogurt – $2
(minus $1 coupon/doubled) = free
1 Kraft 100 Calorie cheese – $1.66
(minus $1 coupon/doubled) = free +.34
2 Skinny Cow Truffles – 2/$7.00
(minus 2 $1 coupons/doubled) = $1.50 each!! 
This was great since it is normally 4.89 a box here.
2 Lean Cuisine meals – 2/$4.00
(minus $1 coupon/doubled) = $1.00 each!

For all of the following, it cost me $14.73. 

Not bad when you consider that the Bologna was $5.99 (this is my ‘filler’ to get my total to $25 when I need it…only Bologna my hubby eats) and the bananas were $1.10.

That means $7.64 for everything else!!